Goth Music from Sweden

The new album “Songs for the gothic people” to be released on the 22nd of May 2024. Eight tracks of dark goth music. Available on vinyl and CD as well as on your preferred digital platform.

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Scheitan - Songs for the gothic people (gothic rock music, album cover)

Upcoming goth music live shows

Below you´ll find upcoming tour dates of Scheitan.

Gothic Tour - Scheitan

Temple, Athens, Greece

15th of June 2024
More information can be found here.

Scheitan, gothic rock music tour dates

Vitå Rockfest, Luleå, Sweden

24th of August 2024
More information can be found here.

Scheitan, gothic rock music tour dates



Embraced in darkness since 1996

Scheitan was formed in 1996 by Pierre Törnkvist and Oscar Karlsson. On the bands debut album “Travelling in Ancient Times” (Invasion Records) the music was harsh and raw black metal.

But already in the last track of the debut album, “Portals of might”, there were traces of musical change.

Melancholy and goth music entering the musical landscape

The first part of the bands second album, “Berzerk 2000” (Invasion Records), consisted of four melancholic, gothic tracks with only the harsh vocals of Pierre Törnkvist as a reminder of what was done on the debut album. The album finished off with three black metal tracks seeing the bad bid farewell to it’s black metal roots.

The Nemesis and performing goth music at Wave Gotikk Treffen in Leipzig

For it’s third album the band signed with Century Media and released “Nemesis”, an album ahead of it’s time with a goth n roll style that was unique. After the album release the band played the mighty “Wave Gotikk Treffen” in Leipzig and vanished into the dark after that, with the founders starting up Helltrain with Pierre’s younger brother Patrik.

The hiatus and the re-awakening

After the 1999 release of Nemesis the band went into a hiatus for 24 years before releasing three singles in 2023 (“Lost in time”, “Fire at dawn” and the Billy Idol cover “White wedding”), tracks that all in a short time gained quite a lot of attention. Scheitan is now signed to greek label The Circle Music and will release it’s fourth album “Songs for the gothic people” in 2024.